I’m an artist residing in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I started art classes when I was 8, after my Nan saw an eye for detail in a painting I did at her place.

I studied fine arts and visual culture at uni. 

I always had a yearning to make big changes in the world, with a passion for social justice and found I lost my way a little as I became weighed down with the responsibilities of adulthood and complexities of society. My anxiety played a big part in making my 20s very rocky and I felt very uneasy within myself and frustrated with my life. 

With growth has come peace, however. Now, in my 30s I’ve picked up the brushes and pens with a vigor I’ve never had before. With my art, I have a voice and I feel I can use it to draw attention and create conversation around topics I am passionate about, such as Ocean conservation and people struggling with mental health or drug dependency issues, through art therapy. 

I create art because it challenges me and it calms me. 

My art journey is young but I am very excited. 2018 is looking wonderful, with my first art show having been a success in January, a new website and a trip to Borneo planned in July (no doubt plenty of new art inspo there!) 

This is a work I did this year, titled ‘Summer’, gel pens on watercolour paper, 240 x 310mm.

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