I’m a visual artist residing in the seaside city of Rockingham, Western Australia. I’ve been doing art classes since I was 8 years old, following my passion into adulthood, completing a Fine Arts & Visual Culture degree through Curtin University. I’m one of 6 siblings and family is incredibly important to me. At home, it’s just the 2 of us- my boyfriend Calem and I. I Love to spend my time splashing colour, gardening, down the beach or in the bush.

My art explores various ways of portraying nature, with a particular interest in pattern and line. With the constant movement and changes in the natural landscape, I have a desire to depict a moment of natural beauty as a way of recording the event. In a sense: to capture a frame of nature as a moment in time. I enjoy experimenting with pattern, texture, and colour to depict various natural forms and intricacies. I hope for my art to inspire and energize the viewer, as well as instilling a respect for nature. I intend for my artwork to direct conversation and continue the ongoing fight for the protection of the natural world.

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